Buy Glycolic Acid From A Preferred Partner

Chemours’ (formerly DuPont) Belle, WV facility is the world’s largest dedicated glycolic acid manufacturing facility. Only Chemours and ChemPoint’s partnership can guarantee:

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Chloride free

  • No chloroacetic acid - chloride free
  • Safe & easy to handle

Reliable and steady supply

  • USA origin
  • Better availability & traceability

Industry presence

  • Household, industrial & institutional
  • Oil & gas
  • Building & construction
  • And more!

Stewards of quality

  • USA origin
  • Sustainable manufacturing process ensuring batch to batch consistency

Short lead times

  • Less inventory
  • Free working capital
  • Low manufacturing interruptions

Robust R & D support

  • Supplier partner Chemours
  • Formulation assistance

Responsive & dependable service

  • Broad industry perspective
  • Specialized market knowledge

Environmental responsibility

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Non-toxic & non-fuming
  • Negligible volatility (low VOC)

Let's talk! We look forward to the opportunity to serve your Glycolic Acid needs.

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