Winter Safety with IceMelz eco®, sustainable de-icer


IceMelz eco® Granular and Liquid de-icing solutions consist of active formulations that are free of any traditional chloride or salt components and offer sustainable solutions for combatting slipperiness caused by snow and ice in a typical work and home environment – improving your overall winter safety.
Icemelz eco Package
Due to its non-corrosive nature, IceMelz eco® is safe to use for all types of surfaces and can be used in areas where corrosive salts and brine are undesirable. IceMelz eco® comes in a Granular and Liquid versions and is easy to keep under standard dry storage conditions.
Improving Your Winter Safety
  • Suited for preventive usage to avoid slipperiness
  • Up-to 5 times longer effective than regular salt-based products
  • Maintains key characteristics at very low temperatures
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Non-damaging to vegetation, animals and surfaces like concrete and stone
  • Suitable to use without any personal protection equipment
  • Higher efficiency per m2 than salt – competitive costing
Typical Application Areas
  • Warehouse loading docks and ramps
  • Car parking
  • Outdoor installations and platforms
  • Office, institute and facility inroads
  • Ships and vessels
  • Roof instant snow clearance – IceMelz eco® Liquid is sprayable
Don't Let Winter Surprise You, Prepare Your Business Now
Choose for that long lasting Granular or Liquid, environmental friendly, non-corrosive solution – IceMelz eco® Sustainable De-icer
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