Naugard® Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants

Key Applications


Product Description

Naugard® Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants are non-staining, non-discoloring stabilizers for rubber compounds that prevent resinification of the polymer during manufacturing and storage and protects polymers against heat and oxygen degradation. ​


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Naugard® PNaugard® P is antioxidant that functions as a peroxide decomposer and as processing stabilizer. It offers low volatility and non-discoloring properties to a wide variety of polyolefins, styrenics, and other resin systems.SDS*TDS
Naugard® PHRNaugard® PHR is a stabilizer that prevents reinsinifcation of the polymer by protecting against heat and oxygen degradation during processing. It is ideal for use in food container closures with sealing gaskets. SDS*TDS
Naugard® RM51-SNaugard® RM51-S is a specialty stabilizer blend antioxidant recommended for use in the stabilization of latex during manufacture and shipment.SDS*TDS