BLE® Antioxidants

Key Applications

​tire tread, breaker, chafer, rim flange, carcass compounds

Product Description

BLE® Antioxidants protect rubber products from thermal degradation and unwanted cross-linking. They provide superior anti-flex cracking protection and are effective in low concentraions in various rubber types.


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BLE® 25BLE 25® stabilizer is an antioxidant and antiflex cracking agent that can be used with peroxide cure systems as well as added directly to solid rubber. It is ideal for neoprene, nitrile rubber, BR, SBR, and EPDM.SDS*TDS
BLE® 75BLE® 75 is an antioxidant that has good resistance to heat, oxygen, bending, fatigue and ageing recommended for tire tread, breaker, chafer, rim flange, and carcass compoundsSDS*TDS