Lowinox® Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants

Key Applications

unvulcanized rubber, adhesives, tapes, films, polyurethane, polyolefins, PA fiber, styrenics

Product Description

Lowinox® Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants provide low volatility and excellent resistance to extraction from polymer compounds, allowing exceptional processing and end-use stability.


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Lowinox® AH25Lowinox® AH25 is a stabilizer that provides excellent protection against oxygen and sun cracking. It is ideal for unvulcanized rubber, adhesives, tapes, and films.SDS*TDS
​Lowinox® 1790Lowinox® 1790 provides excellent gas-fading resistance and low load levels. It is especially effective in polyurethane, PP, PE, and nylon fibers.SDS*TDS
​Lowinox® CA22Lowinox® CA22 is a high performance antioxidant ideal for polyolefins, hot melt adhesives, styrene copolymers and stabilization of plasticizers in flexible PVC.SDS*TDS
​Lowinox® GP45Lowinox® GP45 provides excellent stabilization for POM, nylon, PVC, ABS, SBS, MBS, and HIPS.SDS*TDS
Lowinox® HD98
Lowinox® H98 is a high performance hindered phenolic antioxidant for use in polyamide fibers, molded articles and films. This antioxidant can be added prior to polymerization to protect color properties during manufacturing,  spinning or thermal fixation.
Lowinox® 44B25Lowinox® 44B25 is a non-discoloring antioxidant for thermoplastics and adhesive. It also provides excelent performance properties in polyamides and tire cord applications.SDS*TDS
Lowinox® 22IB46Lowinox® 22IB46 is a non-discoloring antioxidant used as a stabilizer for lattices (dipped rubber goods, foam, rubber threads, carpet backings) and rubber solutions. It is also used for metal deactivation in XLPE and photo applications.SDS*TDS*