Bostik, Inc.

Thermogrip® Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Key Applications

Electronics; Packaging; Industrial Product Assembly; Arts & Crafts

Product Description

Bostik Thermogrip® hot-melt glue sticks are designed for handheld applications in the packaging and product assembly markets. Thesy are designed to be fast and convenient to use and require minimal equipment, operational, and material costs. ChemPoint offers four different types of hot-melt polymers - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polyamide, Butyl Acrylate, and a Polyethylene blend.


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Thermogrip® 0130

Bostik Thermogrip® 0130 glue stick is a high performance, multi-purpose hot melt adhesive displaying good bonding characteristics to many difficult-to-bond substrates, including ABS. It is produced in stick form to fit most gun applicators.

Thermogrip® 0720Bostik Thermogrip® 0720 glue stick is a colorless, translucent hot melt adhesive for use with low and medium-temperature glue guns. Thermogrip® 0720 is an extremely versatile adhesive. Applied at 280°F to 400°F, it bonds to most porous and many nonporous substrates.
Thermogrip® 2107Bostik Thermogrip® 2107 glue stick is a tough, versatile hot melt adhesive with a well-ballanced blend of properties and performance.
Thermogrip® 2109Bostik Thermogrip® 2109 glue stick is an economical hot-melt adhesive designed for use on porous substrates including paper, cardboard, and wood.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 2124Bostik Thermogrip® 2124 glue stick is a translucent, flexible, hot-melt adhesive designed for high performance bonding of difficult substrates or substrate combinations.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 6239Bostik Thermogrip 6239 is a long open time polyamide, hot melt designed for bonding a wide variety of substrates. This high performance adhesive bonds wood, metal, and most plastics, including PVC, and exhibits excellent resistance to plasticizer migration. The Thermogrip® 6239 formula meets General Motors Specification 9985878 for seat bonding.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 6305Bostik Thermogrip® 6305 is an economical, fast-setting, hot melt adhesive which exhibits excellent bonding characteristics for low, medium, or high temperature packaging applications.
Thermogrip® 6327Bostik Thermogrip® 6327 is a medium open time, hot melt adhesive for use in Bostik glue guns. It is an economical grade with good shear strength and adhesion to most plastics and porous substrates.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 6363Bostik Thermogrip® 6363 is a general purpose, medium open time, hot melt which provides effective bonds to a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, paper, fabrics, leather, ceramics, many plastics, and some rubbers.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 6368Bostik Thermogrip® 6368 is a short open time, hot melt adhesive which exhibits good shear strength and adhesion to porous materials such as paper, cardboard, filter paper, and fabric.SDSTDS
Thermogrip® 6390Bostik Thermogrip® 6390 is a general purpose, medium open time hot melt which exhibits good shear strength and adhesion to a variety of plastics, wood, and porous materials.SDSTDS