Bostik, Inc.

Never-Seez® High Temperature Stainless, Nuclear Certified

Key Applications

Fasteners in steel mills, power and nuclear plants, Stainless steel pipe fittings, flanges, pump fittings and unions, Fasteners in exhaust manifolds, Reactor bolts, Turbine bolts, Gauges and fittings

Product Description

Never-Seez® High Temperature Stainless, Nuclear Grade, is a superior, high-temperature, anti-seize, and extreme-pressure lubricant that protects up to 2200F. It contains fine metallic and graphite particles suspended in a specially formulated grease. Certified pure for use in nuclear power plants, each production lot of Never-Seez® High Temperature Stainless, Nuclear Grade, is tested for contaminants and each container is labeled with a lot number that certifies purity. It is recommended for use when applications prohibit the presence of nickel, especially when resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions is required.


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Never-Seez® High Temp Stainless NuclearNever-Seez® High Temp Stainless Nuclear prevents seizure at high temperatures.  It provides excellent resistance to corrosion, alkaline solutions, chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, salt water, and iodized water, as well as galvanic action between dissimilar metals.  High Temp Stainless Nuclear can also be used to prevent galling and speed disassembly.