Naugalube PANA Antioxidants

Key Applications

Antioxidants;Petroleum additives;Anti-wear;Extreme Pressure; Friction Modifier​

Product Description

These antioxidants for synthetic fluids and mineral oils are particularly useful in high temperature applications such as aviation turbine engine oils (compliant with MIL-1-23699 and MIL-L-7808) or high performance industrial oils & greases.


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PANA, Crushed Amine based antioxidant (phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine) granules which is useful in high temperature applications, soluble in synthetic and mineral oils.​SDSTDS
PANA, FlakeAmine based anti-oxidant (phenyl-alpha-naphthylamine) for industrial applications. This product is NSF H1 (food grade) approved for incidental food contact. SDSTDS*