Royco Lubricants

Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids; Gear Oils; Bearing Oil; Greases; Compressor fluids; Aviation fluids; Pump Oils; Finished Fluids; Metal working fluids; General Industrial Fluids; Engine Oils; Turbine Oils; Marine Oils; Fuel Additives; Specialty Lubricants; Mil-Spec Lubricants; Base Stock ​

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Product Description

These specially formulated lubricants include proprietary additive technology designed to meet many strict military standards for heavy load or severe needs. They include anti-sieze agents, preservatives, turbine oils, cleaning agents, and heavy duty greases.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
11MSSevere-duty general purpose aircraft grease that meets also meets MIL -G - 7711A. SDSTDS*
1MSAnti-Seize Thread and severe duty/ heavy-load compound which meets MIL - PRF - 83483 specifications. SDSTDS
2068SYNTHETIC REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR fluid (ISO 68) formulated from the highest quality alkylate base stocks recommend for reciprocating, centrifugal and rotary types using fluorocarbon or ammonia refrigerants. SDSTDS
44Graphite anti-seize compound which meets SAE - AMS - 2518 specifications. SDSTDS*
634EAdvanced Weapons Cleaner, Lube & Preservative which meets MIL - PRF - 63460 specifications. SDSTDS*
81MSMOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE SILICONE BASED SYNTHETIC HIGH TEMPERATURE semi-fluid lubricant formulated with lubricant-grade micro-fine molybdenum disulfide ( MoS2 ) and thermally stable methyl phenyl polysiloxane synthetic oil. SDSTDS*
899Corrosion Inhibition Turbine Engine Oil which meets MIL - PRF - 23699 specifications. SDSTDS
950Fuel System calibration fluid which meets MIL - PRF - 7024 specifications. SDSTDS*
C-201Brown-colored fluorosilicone based grease utilizing a PTFE type thickener for enhanced load carrying capability and an additive package containing antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, and heat stabilizing additives. SDSTDS