Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids; Gear Oils; Bearing Oil; Greases; Compressor fluids; Aviation fluids; Pump Oils; Finished Fluids; Metal working fluids; General Industrial Fluids; Engine Oils; Turbine Oils; Marine Oils; Fuel Additives; Specialty Lubricants; Mil-Spec Lubricants; Base Stock ​

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Product Description

These high-viscosity PAO fluids can be used as a base stock and viscosity builder for a wide range of engine and industrial lubricating oil products. PAO and mPAO grades are engineered to provide excellent low temperature properties, a high flash point, low volatility, and superior performance at high temperatures. ​


namekey propertiesdocumentation
PAO 100High Viscosity (ISO 100) Polyalphaolefin base stock SDSTDS
PAO 40High Viscosity (ISO 40) Polyalphaolefin base stock SDSTDS