Dough Conditioners

Key Applications

Bread Dough, Bagel Dough, Roll Dough​

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Product Description

Dough conditioners improve and strengthen dough allowing for faster processing.​


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2X M L OFortified with Calcium, 2X M L O as a dough conditioner provides efficiency in mix time, improved machinability of dough, and better grain and texture. SDSTDS
BagelDesigned for bagels, this dough conditioner has yeast nutrients to stimulate yeast growth and improve dough elasticity.SDSTDS
DO Quick No BromateThis unique dough conditioner is designed to reduce or eliminate the fermentation stage of dough processing. It has a lower pH level to benefit yeast growth and contains L-cysteine to reduce mix-time.SDSTDS
Imperial FDCreated for yeast-raised, frozen bakery products, this dough conditioner provides resistance to freezing cycles and improves dough recovery and proofing.SDSTDS
L-Cysteine ConcentrateThis concentrated dough conditioner enhances dough flowability and extensibility. It also reduces the development time of dough mixing.SDSTDS
New Fresh Concentrate WFThis unique dough softener is designed to increase the shelf life of bread three or more days longer than conventional emulsifiers. A targeted enzyme modifies the starch without causing gumminess.SDSTDS
N-So-Soft Enzyme SoftenerThis high temperature-resistant softener performs well in high heat environments. It is very effective in bagels, tortillas, and pitas.SDSTDS
PanaidThis unique dough additive reduces dough mix time by up to 15% - 20%. It is often used in bread, buns, and sweet goods that benefit from less mixing time and are processed in high-speed, automated equipment.SDSTDS
Paniplus 4XA unique blend of wheat flour, salt, calcium sulfate, and calcium peroxide used for dough conditioning.SDSTDS*
Soft BagelUsed to improve soft bagels, this specific dough conditioner increases volume, reduces mix time, and extends the shelf life of soft bagels.SDSTDS
Ultra Fresh ConcentrateA dry, free-flowing powder, this dough conditioner prolongs the shelf life of bakery products by three or more days over standard emulsifiers.SDSTDS
Vitalex PlusUsed as a partial or full replacement for vital wheat gluten, Vitalex Plus provides easier scaling and less waste. It also improves dough strength under mechanical stress.SDSTDS