Paraloid™ K Processing Aids

Key Applications

Flexible PVC; Rigid PVC

Product Description

Paraloid™ K series processing aids are ideal for vinyl systems.


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​Paraloid™ K 120NDParaloid™ K 120ND is a free-flowing acrylic process aid designed to improve the fusion, flow, strength and surface appearance of rigid or flexible vinyl. SDS*TDS*
​Paraloid™ K 125Paraloid™ K 125 is a free-flowing process aid that balances melt strength and viscosity, while improving prodution efficiency in both rigid and flexible vinyl.SDSTDS
​Paraloid™ K 175Paraloid™ K 175 is a lubricating process aid that offers superior clarity in rigid and flexible vinyl, while decreasing plate out during production.SDSTDS
Paraloid™ K 400Paraloid™ K 400 is an acrylic modifier for PVC foam that increases impact strength, surface appearance and cell uniformity, while also decreasing foam density. SDSTDS
Paraloid™ K 445Paraloid™ K 445 is an acrylic process aid that offers high-efficiency production of cellular vinyl sheet with improved dosage efficiency.SDSTDS