DOWTHERM™ Ethylene Glycol Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

HVAC; Oil & Gas; Immersion freezing; Process cooling; Process heating; Solar heating; Radiant Heating; Thermal Energy Storage; Geothermal; Snow Melt Systems; Fermentation Cooling​

Product Description

Used for closed-loop, water-based HVAC, process heating and cooling, and food industry applications, these fluids are manufactured with 100% virgin ethylene glycol and never blended with other glycol streams to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Each Dow fluid is specifically formulated with heavy-duty industrial inhibitor packages that prevent corrosion. The inhibitors are easily maintained, long lasting and replenishable, which means intervals between fluid change-outs are extended and fluid expense is minimized.

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DOWTHERM 4000A formulation of ethylene glycol that features one of the highest maximum use temperature of any glycol, operating temperature ranges -60F to 350F. The fluid is dyed fluorescent orange to aid in leak detection.SDSTDS*
DOWTHERM SR-1A formulation of ethylene glycol and a specially designed package of industrial corrosion inhibitors with operating temperature ranges of -60F to 250F. The fluid is dyed fluorescent pink for leak detection purposes.SDSTDS*