UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Defoamers

Key Applications

chemical manufacturing, metal working fluid manufacturing, etc. ​

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Product Description

This series of water-soluble and water-dispersible fluids feature inverse solubility and food-grade status, making them desirable and effective foam control
agents in a variety of applications. ​


namekey propertiesdocumentation
1281It is a medium viscosity water-soluble synthetic lubricant originally developed for use as the main component of the lubricity package of synthetic coolants used in low temperature metalworking operations, such as, can-drawing, stamping and cold rolling. It has a viscosity of 399-486 cSt @ 37.8 degrees C.SDSTDS
LO-500It is an oleyl alcohol-propylene oxide polymer used in oil-field applications with a viscosity of 108 cSt @ 37.8 degrees C.SDSTDS