Cellulose Acetate Butyrate

Key Applications

wood finishes; glass coatings; automotive; metallic-flake orientation; adhesives; coatings; inks; plastic coatings; flow and leveling aid​

Product Description

Used as binders and additives in coatings applications for a variety of substrates, including plastics, textiles, metal, and wood, these products offer a wide range of properties based on their butyryl, acetyl and hydroxy contents. Most grades are soluble in several low-cost solvents and are compatible with a range of resins and pigments.​


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
CAB-171-15The lowest butyryl content grade in the series offering superior hardness and toughnessSDSTDS
CAB-321-0.1A cellulose ester with a low butyryl content and low molecular weightSDSTDS
CAB-381-0.1A medium butyryl content, low viscosity grade with solubility in a range of solvents and high degree of compatibilitySDSTDS
CAB-381-0.5A low viscosity, medium butyryl content grade designed for applications requiring low viscosities at relatively high solidsSDSTDS
CAB-381-2This grade has a high viscosity and butyryl content and offers a superior compatibility, moisture resistance, hardness and film strengthSDSTDS
CAB-381-2 BPA slightly modified version of CAB-381-2 with a lower viscosity, designed to meet the needs of European formulatorsSDSTDS
CAB-381-20A cellulose ester with a high butyryl and very high ASTM(A) viscositySDSTDS
CAB-381-20 BPA slightly modified version of CAB-381-20 with a lower viscosity, designed to meet the needs of European formulatorsSDSTDS*
CAB-500-5A cellulose ester with high butyryl, low hydroxyl and medium viscosity offering a wide range of solubility and compatibilitySDSTDS
CAB-531-1A grade with a higher butyryl level than 381 type esters offering tough films with good marring resistanceSDSTDS
CAB-551-0.01A high butyryl, low viscosity grade soluble in a range of solvents with a high degree of compatibilitySDSTDS
CAB-551-0.2A high-butyryl, relatively low molecular weight grade which is compatible with numerous cross-linking resinsSDSTDS
CAB-553-0.4A high butyryl, high hydroxyl grade that is soluble in a variety of alcohols and organic solventsSDSTDS