Key Applications

Beverages; Nail Enamel; Lipstick​

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Product Description

This is an excellent weighting agent for use in beverages that contain essential flavoring oils. It is used to decrease the density difference thus helping eliminate separation and increasing stability.

SAIB can also be used as an adhesion promotor for nail enamels and paint, inks and coatings. It also reduces flow by improving viscosity in lipstick. ​


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
100An odorless and tasteless, viscous liquid with good thermal hydrolytic stability.SDS*TDS*
90A low viscosity solution of 90% by weight SAIB and 10% denatured ethyl alcohol.SDS*TDS
90-EAA low viscosity solution of 90% by weight SAIB and 10% ethyl acetate.SDS*TDS
COA free-flowing liquid with a viscosity of less than 4,000 cP at room temperature.SDS*TDS
ETA low viscosity blend of Food Grade SAIB and 10% ethanol.SDS*TDS
Food GradeA stable, viscous liquid used primarily in citrus beverages as a weighting agent or flavor emulsion stabilizer.SDS*TDS
MCTA blend of food grade medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and SAIB that pours readily at room temperature.SDS*TDS