Erapol MDI Polyether Prepolymer

Key Applications

​screens; rollers; pipe lining; roller wheels; mining applications

Product Description

The MDI-based prepolymer provides excellent hydrolytic stability; low temperature flexibility, superior sliding abrasion resistance and mechanical properties as well as fungus resistance. It is recommended for applications undergoing high stress.


namekey propertiesdocumentation
Erapol EMD52D52D MDI Polyether PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol EMD73RBSingle component moisture cured polyurethane which is typically used as polyurethane rubber binder.SDSTDS
Erapol EMD85A85A MDI Polyether Prepolymer SDSTDS
Erapol EMD86A86A MDI Polyether PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol EMD90A90A MDI Polyether PrepolymerSDSTDS