Erapol TDI Polyester Prepolymer

Key Markets

Key Applications

​wheels; screens; rollers; scraper blades; printing rolls; oil seal; cutting boards; temperature resistance; pipeline pigs

Product Description

The TDI-based polyurethane elastomer provides excellent oil and solvent resistance; excellent mechanical properties; temperature resistance; vibratory dampening; and high impact abrasion resistance. It exhibits superior load-bearing capability as well as high tensile and tear strength.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Erapol L-RN90AErapol L-RN90A is a lower Free TDI 90A Polyester Prepolymer and is 0.8% Free TDI.SDSTDS*
Erapol RN303852A-82A high performance TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol RN303960A-90A high performance TDI Polyester Prepolymer SDSTDS*
Erapol RN3050High performance TDI Polyester Prepolymer that provides a range of tensile, tear strength, abrasion resistance, oil and solvent resistance, load bearing and resiliency.SDSTDS
Erapol RN50D50D TDI Polyester Prepolymer SDSTDS
Erapol RN70A70A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDS*TDS
Erapol RN83A83A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol RN90A90A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol SDR55A65A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS