Erapol TDI Polyester Prepolymer

Key Markets

Key Applications

​wheels; screens; rollers; scraper blades; printing rolls; oil seal; cutting boards; temperature resistance; pipeline pigs

Product Description

The TDI-based polyurethane elastomer provides excellent oil and solvent resistance; excellent mechanical properties; temperature resistance; vibratory dampening; and high impact abrasion resistance. It exhibits superior load-bearing capability as well as high tensile and tear strength.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Erapol L-RN90AErapol L-RN90A is a lower Free TDI 90A Polyester Prepolymer and is 0.8% Free TDI.SDSTDS*
Erapol RN303852A-82A high performance TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol RN303960A-90A high performance TDI Polyester Prepolymer SDSTDS*
Erapol RN3050High performance TDI Polyester Prepolymer that provides a range of tensile, tear strength, abrasion resistance, oil and solvent resistance, load bearing and resiliency.SDSTDS
Erapol RN50D50D TDI Polyester Prepolymer SDSTDS
Erapol RN70A70A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol RN83A83A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol RN90A90A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS
Erapol SDR55A65A TDI Polyester PrepolymerSDSTDS