FMC Lithium

Lithium Carbonate

Key Applications

Raw material for glass, ceramics, and enamel industries; basis material for mfg of other lithium compounds; catalyst for esterfication; additive and flux for welding rods; additive in aluminum electrolysis melts; additive for quick setting cements and grouts; additive to phosphorous coating in light bulb mfg

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Product Description

Lithium carbonate is a free-flowing, ordorless white powder with guaranteed 99.3 wt% purity and a relatively fine particle size.


namekey propertiesdocumentation
ACS GradeAdditive in specialty glasses and low-expansion ceramics, analytical agent.SDSTDS
TechnicalHigher purity grade for use as a precursor in making critical battery materials, is useful in manufacture of glass, frits, other ceramics and a variety of specialized applicationsSDSTDS