Wonderbond Reactive PVAc Emulsion

Key Applications

industrial wood adhesive; cold set; hot press; radio frequency (RF) curing; assembly gluing; lumber or particleboard edge gluing and laminating; lumber and particleboard edge banding with veneer or high pressure laminates; panel to frame gluing; furniture plywood manufacturing​

Product Description

These cross-linking polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) industrial wood adhesives​ need to be mixed with a Wonderbond PVAc Catalyst in order to cure and harden.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
WB-104AA cross-linking, polyvinyl acetate adhesive specifically tailored as an industrial wood adhesive.SDS*TDS
WB-1116A cross-linking, polyvinyl acetate adhesive sepcifically tailored as an industrial wood adhesive.SDS*TDS
WB-960Reactive crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion designed for hot press or high frequency methods o fedge bonding, flat plywood or laminate, panel to frame, edge banding and hihg density plastic faced panel productionSDSTDS