Microthene G Ground LDPE

Key Applications

cosmetics; rotomolding; carrier; carpet backing

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Product Description

These low-density polyethylene-based polyolefin powders have a high molecular weight and high melt temperature to keep their shape during processing. Their broader particle size distributionare beneficial in personal care applications. ​


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
MN 701-00LDPE with higher melt index (70) SDSTDS
MN 710-20LDPE Particle Size: 50 mesh Melt Index: 22SDSTDS
MN 711-20LDPE Particle Size: 35 mesh Melt Index: 22SDS*TDS
MN 714-00LDPE Particle Size: 50 mesh Melt Index: 70SDSTDS
MN 722-00Low density polythene Particle Size: 50 mesh Melt Index: 3.7SDSTDS
MN 727-00LDPE Particle Size: 16 mesh Melt Index: 24SDSTDS