Core Silicone Elastomers

Key Applications

rollers; gaskets; o-rings; hoses; spark plug boots; connecter seals; ignition cables; exhaust hangers; fuel systemvalves; powertrain application; oil-system seals; aerospace door seals; aerospace masks

Product Description

Core silicone elastomers exhibit excellent heat resistance, microbial resistance, and non-reactivity. They have outstanding processing capabilities and a variety of uses such as molding, calendaring, and extrusion.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
SE47550 durometer silicone rubber compound that can accept significant quantities of extending filler to produce general purpose compounds ranging from 50-80 durometer.SDSTDS*
SE85150 durometer, two component addition curable silicone rubber compound with high tear strength and translucency.SDSTDS
Silicone Base 635050A high tear strenth elastomer what is blendable and versatile in many formulations.SDSTDS*
Silicone Base SE84Transluscent, Polydimethylvinyl Siloxane Gum/VMQ with 250-650 penetrationSDSTDS
Silicone Gum 30Transluscent, polydimethyl siloxane gum/MQ with 500-1500 penetrationSDSTDS*
Silicone Gum 64Transulscent, polydimethylvinyl siloxane gum/VMQ with 1200-2500 penetrationSDSTDS*
Silplus Silicone 40 MP40 Shore A heat cured elastomerSDSTDS*
Silplus Silicone 70 MP70 Shore A heat cured elastomerSDSTDS*
Silplus Silicone 80 MP75-80 Shore A heat cured elastomerSDSTDS*