PMC Biogenix

Kemamide Amides

Key Markets

Key Applications

slip agent; anti-block

Product Description

These fatty amines provide a range of plastic additives, wax additives and lubricants to various plastics applications.​


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
EZ, BeadDouble distilled version of E Ultra Also available in pellet and powder form. SDSTDS*
E Ultra, BeadHigh quality and performance grade. Has a very high erucide content and is triple-processed to remove taste and odor bodies. Also available in pellet and powder form. SDSTDS
EBSPhysically similar to neutral waxes. EBS offers excellent surface properties. Typically used for gloss and printability in saturated polyesters (i.e. PET and PBT) SDSTDS
OR, BeadOleamide which offers faster blooming in lower temperatures. Less expensive alternative to erucamides. Also available in powder form. SDSTDS*
U, PelletContains low levels of polyunsaturates (i.e impurities). Heat stable oleamide. Also vailable in powder form SDSTDS
W-20, PrillOffers improved surface resistance to salt, heat moisture and most solvents. Available in prill form SDSTDS
W-40, FlakeFatty bisamide is stable and has a high-melt point compound. It's melting point (137 - 147degC) is significantly higher than that of other monoamides. Also available in prill and powder SDSTDS*