PMC Biogenix

PMC Palmitic Acid

Key Applications

Release Agents, Soaps & Cosmetics

Product Description

PMC Palmitic Acids are branded under the trade names Hystrene® and Industrene®.  These products are derived from a variety of feed stocks, including vegetable sources.  Hystrene® and Industrene® are used in in a wide range of products, from soap to cosmetics.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Hystrene 4516 NF FG KosherTriple-pressed, high-purity saturated fatty acid. Excellent color and color stability.SDS*TDS*
Hystrene 9016 FlakeApproximate 90% Palmitic acidSDS*TDS*
Industrene 4516, FlakeBlend of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with 45% Palmitic acid SDSTDS*