Valspar Corporation

Valspar Powder Coating

Valspar Powder Coating is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional liquid paint. Valspar coatings offer the lowest applied cost in the industry, emit little-to-no volatile organic compounds, produce less hazardous waste than accustomed liquid coatings and enable you to reclaim nearly 100 percent of overspray powder.
Valspar coatings offer a full line of powder technologies including urethane polyester, TGIC, epoxy, acrylic and polyester-epoxy hybrid chemistries that are all manufactured to deliver superior quality and application efficiency. In addition to the industrial Caliber line which includes over 100 coating selections in a variety of weatherable and non-weatherable chemistries, Valspar also offers the premium Aloren line - a range of bonded metallic powder coatings for the original equipment manufacturer and job shop market.