Molykote 111 Grease. The best grease for O-ring lubrication.


Molykote 111 is a silicone thickener and solid lubricant with a translucent white color used as a general-purpose O-ring and valve lubricant in a diverse set of applications such as control cables, rubber & elastomer lubrication, valves, packings, seals & O-rings. Molykote 111 grease offers a good oxidation, chemical and water resistance; good plastic rubber compatibility; high tack and adhesion; high temperature performance; low temperature performance; release properties and wide temperature range.


The combination of those attributes makes Molykote 111 compound the perfect solution for O-rings applications across several industrial usages. Although O-rings are quite often parts that are taken for granted, those circles of elastomeric material are used to prevent leakage of liquid or gas that may otherwise escape.


When an-O-ring is compressed, there is no more clearance for it to move and it blocks the pathway of the liquid or gas you are trying to seal in place. However, O-ring materials are normally quite soft which makes them susceptible to abrasion, scuffing, cuts, and misalignment when tightening joints. O-ring integrity can also be affected by expansion or contraction due to frequent movement.


O-ring material can also degrade overtime, especially when subjected to constant contact with the medium they are trying to seal. Therefore, in most cases, it is advisable to apply lubricant on the O-ring seal to prevent the O-ring to “nip” on initial installation and long-term protection of the material itself.


Due to Molykote111 grease unique nature and properties such as wide temperature range (-40°C to +200°C), global standard for water contact including NSF 51, NSF 61 and WRAS, it offers other uses such as:


  • Tap and valve lubricant
  • Vacuum system sealant
  • Sealant for outdoor applications subject to frequent washdown and harsh environmental condition
  • Prevents gaskets and seals sticking to metal enclosures

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