Ashland™ Personal Care Formulations

Hair Colorants (4)

Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

Chroma-Rx Color Protection Conditioner

This conditioner, formulated with color seal technology, forms a protective hydrophobic layer around the hair to prevent color fading. Formulation #: 12803-211

Chroma-Rx Color Protection Leave-in Treatment

This conditioning cream helps revitalize graying roots, while providing color and heat protection for color treated hair. Formulation #: 12696-191-1C

Leave-In Post Color Treatment-Intensity

This formulation utilizes N-Hance™ BF17 cationic guar, Optiphen™ preservative, and ChromoHance™ 113 conditioning polymer. Formulation #: 12662-29

Moisturizing Color Protection Conditioner-Vibrancy

This formulation utilizes Polysurf™ 67 CS cetyl modified hydroxyethylcellulose, ChromoHance™ 113 conditioning polymer, and Ceraphyl™ 230 ester. Formulation #: 12662-30


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