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Hair Treatments (25)

Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

Ashland Plex #3 - Bond Renew

This formulation features Refined Shea Butter. Formulation #: 12770-44B

Ashland Plex#1 - Bond Generator

This formulation features FiberHance™ BM Solution. Formulation #: 12770-3D

Ashland Plex#2 - Bond and Color Seal

This formulation features Si-Tec™ AME 6057.

Boost-Rx Volumizing Leave-in Conditioner

This light-weight cream is specially formulated to boost volume and body from root to tip. Formulation #: 12696-164-3

Calm and Nourish Scalp Treatment

Formulated to help soothe and moisturize scalp. Contains nature derived moisturizers and oil/emollients to keep scalp and hair conditioned. Formulation #: 12817-59

Damaged Hair Repair Hair Mask

This formulation utilizes Germall™ Plus, Natrosol™ Plus 330 CS Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, and X-Tend™ 226. Formulation #: C-H-17008-AN

Excellence - Clear Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

This formulation utilizes Ceraphyl™ 60 ester, Optiphen™ BSB-W preservative, and N-DurHance™ AA-2000 conditioning polymer. Formulation #: Z351-12S

Hair Pudding with PEC Complex

The product has a soft, shear thinning Rheology that moves through the hair easily. It provides a smooth feel on wet hair during application. The Split End Mending Repair Complex repairs split ends and smooths the cuticle. This in conjunction with the other conditioning agents provide improved properties to the hair when dry and include shine, anti-frizz, definition of curls, manageability, ease of styling, and improved combing and feel attributes. Formulation #: 11746-145-1

Heat Defy Styling Spray

This heat-defying styling spray features Ashland™ 980 carbomer, Styleze™ CC-10 polymer, and Optiphen™ preservative. Formulation #: 11118-150-5

Intensity Nourishing Hair Mask

This nourishing hair mask features N-Durhance™ A1000 Polymer. Formulation #:Z309-86D

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