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Founded in 1902, 3M™ is a global science company that never stops inventing. 3M™ specializes and produces more than 55,000 products including: adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, dental and orthodontic products, electronic materials, medical products, car-care products, electronic circuits, healthcare software and optical films. With $30 billion in sales and 90,000 employees 3M™ connects with customers around the world.


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3M Articles
3M™ Novec™ - Performance Thermal Management thumbnail
Novec™ Engineered Fluids from 3M™ provide a smarter solution for an incredibly wide range of complex & technical electronics manufacturing & operational cooling requirements. The Novec™ product portfolio provides a series of benefits that outperform similar thermal management fluids - learn more here!
3M™ Novec™ - Immersion Cooling thumbnail
With heightened demand for data, future data centers & server hubs will have to find innovative methods of temperature control. 3M has a range of high-performance immersion cooling solutions that significantly reduce the energy demand associated with large-scale cooling. Learn more!