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Key Applications

Nonfluidic and fluidic cosmetics; Solubilizing agent for perfumes, refined oils, and fats; Emulsifier for creams and hydrophilic ointment bases; Rust preventative oils, lubricating oils, and metalworking oils for the metal industry; Fluidity control agent for printing inks; Pigment-sedimentation inhibitors; Pigment-dispersion aid; Base materials for spin finishing

Product Description

IONET S products are fatty acid esters of sorbitan-type nonionic surfactants, known as SPAN-type products. They provide improved lipophilicity and are recommended for a range of functions, including dispersion, emulsification, solubilization, and rust prevention. They can be used in combination with hydrophilic surfactants, such as IONET T or EMULMIN products, to produce creamy cosmetics and ointments. IONET S products are available in a range of HLB values to fit your application needs.

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