Agri-pure™ AP-406 is a light-colored, vegetable-based fluid with excellent cleaning, thinning and solvent properties.

It offers an alternative to light mineral oils and other petroleum-derived solvents, providing good technical performance as well as other important benefits:

Agri-pure™ AP-406 is classified as nontoxic in accordance with EC 1272/08. This is especially important in uses such as cleaning / degreasing formulations, mold release agents and products used in the external environment, where human contact may occur (either intentional or not).

The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is harmful to people, vegetation, forests and crops as well as contributing to greenhouse gases. Agri-pure™ AP-406 is
classified as a non-VOC solvent in accordance with EC directive 1999/13/EC. The high flashpoint and boiling point of Agri-pure™ AP-406 greatly assist in the safe handling and storage of the product with respect to fire and explosion control.

Agri-pure™ AP-406 is based on vegetable oil of European origin, refined from sustainably cultivated oilseed crops.


Agri-pure™ AP-406 is readily biodegradable, and has the lowest water hazard rating WGK 1 (Wassergefährdungsklassen, German Water Hazard Classification). This makes it ideally suited to outdoor and environmental loss applications, where the fate of the solvent must be carefully considered.

Agri-pure™ AP-406 biosolvent (additionally) finds uses in plastics additives, consumer ignition products, coatings, defoamers and chemicals, to name but a few. Many products and processes that use paraffinic oils, white spirit, chlorinated hydrocarbons, D-Limonene and light alcohols can consider to switch (partially or completely) to Agripure™ AP-406, and experience the benefits of a safer and greener alternative.

Recommended Applications

Printing Inks

The high solvency power and light color of Agri-pure™ AP406 is used to advantage in the formulation of solventbased offset (sheet-fed) inks – including clear, white and pale inks. Compared to petroleum distillates, Agripure™ AP-406 gives comparable rheological properties and printability. Agri-pure™ AP-406 is on the EuPIA approved list for food packaging inks.

Cleaners and Degreasers

The trend to safe and renewable bio-based cleaners and degreasers continues apace, and Agri-pure™ AP406 plays a role in providing the solvency and fluid properties needed to reformulate from traditional mineral oil-based cleaners. Established applications include industrial degreasing, oil refinery CIP, removal of concrete stains, graffiti, varnish, adhesives, and hand cleaners.


The fluid properties of Agripure™ AP-406 resemble light mineral oils, but with added environmental and human health advantages. These, along with specific application benefits, are put to use in the formulation of metal-working fluids, moldrelease agents and textile lubricants. It can also be in the production of sulphurised EP additives, and as a carrier fluid / compatibiliser for additive packages.

Crop Protection

Agri-pure™ AP-406 has an established and proven performance as an oil adjuvant, improving rainfastness, softening waxy leaf cuticles and enhancing the activity of specific herbicides at low dosage. [Adjuvants are functional carrier fluids used to deliver and enhance the performance of active ingredients].

Product Caracteristics


  • Composition: Vegetable ester, free of additives such as pour point depressants, foam inhibitors and antioxidants.
  • Apperance: Light yellow, liquid clear, free of foreign material

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