Molykote Specialty Lubricants and sealants for maintenance and production of industrial wind turbines.

Help improve assembly quality, safety, and reliability with proper tightening. Lower the cost of the maintenance of the wind turbine by preventing wind turbine rust, avoid bolt failure and reduce service costs.

Use Molykote wind turbine lubricant for strong threaded connections, bearings, sealing and bonding on:


  • Nacelle frame joints
  • Front and rear main journal bearings
  • Pitch bearing fasten bolts
  • Gearbox, driver and cooler units
  • Yaw bearing fasten bolts
  • Tower segment flange bolts
  • Foundation anchor bolts
  • Outer sealing of the housing
  • Inner sealing of the housing
  • Shell made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic


Safe and reliable wind turbines depend on strong treaded connections and proper lubrications of bearings, sealing and bonding.

Wind turbines present frequent problems with threaded connections such as: tightening difficulties and thread damage, inconsistent or loose clamping force, broken bolts, and base parts, such as flanges or plates and difficulty disassembly and destroyed threads.


Good Lubrication can help reduce torque resistance, prevent damage and improve clamping force on several different sized threaded connections on wind turbine. At the same time good lubricants for bolts and fasteners can help solve problems and increase reliability by reducing the effects of root causes, including:


  • Seizure and abrase wear
  • Uneven coefficient of friction
  • Fretting corrosion
  • Embrittlement failures of substrates due to use of low-melting-point metals
  • Stress corrosion cracking

Molykote® 1000 and Molykote® G-Rapid Plus pastes can be widely used on Wind Turbine Threaded connection applications.


Tighten all assembly bolts to required tension with correct torque:

Threadroughness creates uneven friction and incorrect bolt tightening during installation. Lubricate threads with Molykote brand pastes to achieve a low and consistent coefficient of friction, thus helping to ensure proper tightening and tension on all wind turbine assembly bolts.


Protect threaded connections for longer service life:

Bolts and fasteners on equipment joints must stay invulnerable in heat, cold, pollution, rain, snow and even salt fog. Apply Molykote brand pastes to help provide threaded bolts with increased, long-lastingprotection from on wind turbine rust and seizure.


Help to allow easier disassembly of threaded connections:

Corrosion, adhesion and seizure make disassembly difficult after long outdoor service. Use Molykote brand pastes for bolt lubrication, protection from fretting corrosion and easy disassembly without damage.

Wind Turbine Threaded Connections


Whether you are a wind turbine builder or you offer maintenance of wind turbine we have the perfect solution for your wind turbine lubrication and rust prevention:




  • Assembly: Molykote G-Rapid Plus Paste ensures correct tensioning of bolts therefore better balancing. Good Corrosion Protection is essential as the Wind Mills are mostly installed near to the coasts.
  • Cooler Units/ Gear box: Molykote P-74 Paste


  • Shrink Disc: Molykote G-Rapid Plus Paste is used to Reduce friction during the assembly operations on slides and allow precise calculation of torque to achieve define clamping force on threads due to very low coefficient of friction

Wind Turbine Bearings

Molykote Grease offers false brenelling protection Corrosion protection, sealing compatibility, high load carrying capacity on Bearings. Find the most appropriate Molykote for each application below:


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