Ready SET Go Mist

This weightless, oil-free spray gives your makeup serious staying power. This setting spray keeps makeup looking gorgeous without fading. Then, this mist can be applied throughout the day (or night) for environmental defense without makeup disturbance. Directions for use: Apply before or after makeup; hold 20-25 cm (8-10 ") away; mist face 2 to 4 times, in an "X" and "T" formation. Warning: Close eyes before misting Formulation #: 100-10159

Blumilight™ is a premium cocoa peptide for blue light pollution protection.

Ganex™ Sensory is a water-dispersible film former that provides great water and wear resistance without a heavy feel. It's unique hydrophobic character is ideal for sun care formulas and foundations with high oil content.

Lubrajel™ Marine hydrogel is a multifunctional sensory enhancer for creating moisturising skincare formulations easily.

Rosaliss™ biofunctional is a natural Rosa centifolia flower extract; a legendary flower of “eternal beauty” sourced locally in Provence (south of France).