Counting Sheep Melting Butter-in-Gel

Try this novel formulation for skin that looks rested and renewed when you awake from slumber. This unique butter-in-gel texture transforms into a smooth cream that melts on the skin upon application and gives a matte finish. It provides instant, lasting hydration and resets the skin with a fresh feel. It can be used in a moisturizer, eye cream, or night cream for normal and combined skin or after sun exposure. Formulation #: 100-10164

Ceraphyl™ 28 is a multifunctional emollient that enhances slip. It imparts sheen and silkiness to both skin and hair.

Ceraphyl™ 424 is an emollient ester that imparts a dry, slightly waxy, non-greasy after feel.

Lubrajel™ MS is a safe, clear, multifunctional, skin-activated moisturizing gel.

Lubrajel™ Oil is a water-soluble clear gel that is an emollient matrix that imparts excellent lubricity and provides skin care products with superb spreadability.

ProLipid™ 141 is a multi-functional nonionic lamellar gel for face and body that mimics the skin's natural lipid structure.

Stabileze™ QM polymer is both a performance-enhancing and cost-effective rheology modifier based on methylvinylether/maleic anhydride chemistry.