Powerplay Vitafruit Gel Cream

Powerplay Vitafruit Gel Cream

Unique, silicone free, jelly-like texture applies smoothly, delivers moisture, and leaves the skin feeling pampered. The combination of FlexiThix™ with Ashland acrylate polymers gives the jelly-like structure with a silky soft finish, while the Lubrajel* Oil Free hydrogel contributes to the moisturizing benefits of this formula. Formulation #: 100-10147

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Optiphen™ HD preservative booster is a global multifunctional additive. The 1,2-Alkanediol can be combined with very low doses of preservatives to effective preserve personal care formulations, acting as a preservative potentiator. When used with other cosmetics ingredients, it may work as an antimicrobial stabilizer. Optiphen™ HD is considered a very effective humectant.


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