SUNsory Rebound Balm-in-Gel SPF 20

This distinctive bouncy texture takes sun care textures to an entire different level. The buttery formulation applies very easily leaving the skin soft and conditioned. This unique emulsifier-free formulation was achieved by combining Ganex/Antaron Sensory with FlexiThix and RapiThix polymers that provided enhanced cushion and elasticity to the texture. Formulation #: 200-10060

Flexithix™ Powder is capable of thickening solvents across a broad polarity and pH range with a high electrolyte tolerance.

Ganex™ Sensory is a water-dispersible film former that provides great water and wear resistance without a heavy feel. It's unique hydrophobic character is ideal for sun care formulas and foundations with high oil content.

Lubrajel™ Oil is a water-soluble clear gel that is an emollient matrix that imparts excellent lubricity and provides skin care products with superb spreadability.

Optiphen™ is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. The combination of these ingredients provides optimized protection against microbial growth from bacteria and yeast while giving the finished product exceptional feel.

Optiphen™ ND it is based on a combination of nature-identical organic acids: Benzoic acid and Dehydroacetic acid in Phenoxyethanol and can be classified as a "progressive preservative".