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Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

Balance Toothpaste

A soothing and refreshing mint toothpaste with bursts of green-tea flavor. The visible, green capsules break during brushing releasing green tea flavor to unite the traditional fresh-feeling of mint with green tea flavor. Together, they can contribute to a sense of well-being. This toothpaste features Blanose™ 7MF8SF carboxymethylcellulose (Cellulose gum) and Captivates™ HC 6325 encapsulate. Formulation #: M300-3010F

Advanced Power Hand Sanitizer

This 80% w/w ethanol formula will clean hands. It relies on the powerful combination of two rheology modifiers used with a multifunctional ester to form a viscous hydroalcoholic gel. This gel is easy to use to clean and refresh hands. On hand, the gel is clear and feels rich and creamy during rub out. Hands dry quickly and you are ready to go! Formulation #: Z339-71C

8D Essence Cream

This essence cream features Ceraphyl™ 375 ester. Formulation #: 100-10125

Beauty Sleep Gel Cream

This light, quick vanishing formula illuminates your skin while getting your beauty sleep. This gel cream feels delightfully luxurious and fresh, leaving soft, renewed skin. It's enriched with a nature-derived moisturizer (Lubrajel™ Oil) and a natural extract from premium true lavender (Nightessence™). Formulation #: 100-10165

Acne Clarifying Cleanser

This formulation produces an acne clarifying cleanser for the treatment stage. Formulation #: 100-10129

Chrono-genics - Eye Balm

A relaxing eye balm with pleasant application. This cream gel helps the eye area to feel relaxed and pampered with a silky smooth finish. Formulation #: 100-10104A

Ashland Plex #3 - Bond Renew

This formulation features Refined Shea Butter. Formulation #: 12770-44B

City Ready Daytime Moisturizer SPF 30

This daily face care applies softly and absorbs nicely, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and comfortable. This can be used as a morning multitasker across genders for lightweight feel and heavyweight environmental defense. Formulation #: 200-10071

Boost-Rx Volumizing Shampoo

Formulated specifically for fine, thin hair, this sulfate free and silicone free shampoo is formulated with volume-boosting ingredients to deliver body, volume and manageability. Formulation #: 12803-177

Liquid LipSatin in Firehouse Red

Liquid lipstick formula that provides lasting wear that doesn't feel dry and will not transfer due to the addition of Aqualon™ EC N200 PC. This creamy satin lipstick saturates lips with color. Formulation #: 300-10017A

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