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Ashland™ has an extensive library of formulations to assist you in developing any personal care product.

55% VOC Ultimate Hold Pump Hair Spray

This pump hair spray features Omnirez™ 2000 polymer. Formulation #: 10411-50

55% VOC Ultra Hold Pump Hair Spray

This formulation utilizes Advantage™ LC-A polymer. Formulation #: 10748-78

6% VOC Root Lifting Spray Foam

This root lifting spray foam features Aquaflex™ XL-30 polymer. Formulation #: 10998-141

6% VOC Ultra Conditioning Styling Mousse

This styling mousse features Gafquat™ 755N polymer and Styleze™ W-20 polymer. Formulation #: 10748-72

Aerosol Mousse with AquaStyle™ 300 Polymer and Copolymer 845

This aerosol mousse features AquaStyle™ 300 polymer. Formulation #: 11312-136

Argan Oil Infused Pomade

This peach colored fibrous pomade utilizes Styleze™ CC-10 polymer, Ceraphyl™ 70 ester, and PVP K-30 powder. Formulation #: 12460-42

Beach Protectant Shine Spray

This shine spray formulation features Ceraphyl™ 41 ester. Formulation #: 10976-95

Blow-Dry Protection Serum

This formulation utilizes Natrosol™ 250HHR CS HEC, Gafquat™ 755N polymer, and Liquid Germall™ Plus preservative. Formulation #: 10721-74-1

Bodifying Smoothing Serum

This smoothing serum features Copolymer 937. Formulation #: 10976-135-1

Boho Chic - 55% VOC Texture Hair Spray

Boho style, made popular in the 2000s, is effortless and chic with hair to match --mid-length to long textured waves --as worn by bohemian influencers Sienna Miller and Rachel Zoe. A versatile texture spray that styles to build body and texture and finishes for touchable hold. Formulation #: 12730-123-1

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