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Jun 10 - Jun 10, 2021

New MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Grease Webinar


NEW MOLYKOTE® P-1042 – Product Launch Webinar 

Join us in our next webinar with the exciting new launch of the MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste from DuPont. This innovative new lubricant solution provides incredible durability and incredibly high load-carrying capability.


The MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Grease exhibits superior tackiness on metal surfaces and provides extended term usability where conventional lubricants need frequent reapplication.
After attending the webinar, you should be well equipped to know: 

  -   Key Values & Benefits of the new MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Grease Paste
  -   How and Where to successfully use MOLYKOTE® P-1042  

Join us for this 101-style training on the MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste!
When:                        Thursday, June 10th
Start Time:                1:00 pm (EST)
Webinar Length:       30 to 45 min with Q&A to follow

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