Prevent the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria with the specialty hand sanitizer from Gett Products below.

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Hand Sanitizer Gel container
70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Antiseptic Consumer Grade Topical Gel Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Liquid container
Ready-to-use Health-care Grade 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic Sanitizing Solution.
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Industry Resources
DuPont MOLYKOTE® Performance Lubricants thumbnail
Browse the solutions portfolio for performance greases, oils, pastes, compounds & more from DuPont & MOLYKOTE®. Explore the selector tool. lubrication resources and more on the Lubricant Specialty website.
Dow DOWFROST for Dairy thumbnail
DOWFROST™ Inhibited Propylene Glycol is the go-to standard for safe & sustained heat transfer in Dairy Facilities.
Dow DOWFROST Food and Beverage thumbnail
DOWFROST™ remains the standard in food and beverage
Chemours Krytox™ Corrugator thumbnail
Krytox™ PFPE/PTFE greases have been  the standard grease for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers in the corrugator industry.
Lanxess Anderol Formulated Lubricants thumbnail
ChemPoint provides trusted service for Lanxess in North America for Anderol® formulated lubricants
DeLaval PeraShine thumbnail
PeraShine™ brings you the broad spectrum microbiological sanitizing power of conventional peroxyacetic acid (PAA) sanitizers while saving you money through control by conductivity and its unique ability to mitigate mineral film build up. When using PeraShine™, there is no need for a separate acid rinse.
Chemours Krytox™ TS4 Thread Sealant thumbnail
Krytox™ TS4 allows for low breakaway torque for easy-to-break connections, preventing galling, seizure and thread damage. It is easy to apply via a specially designed applicator, reducing work time, injuries to fingers and damage to process equipment due to loose pieces of tape.
ChemPoint MRO Food Grade Certifications thumbnail
ChemPoint offers a full-line of lubricants designed for multiple applications within the food industry; all of which abide to the product stewardship requirements of the equipment manufacturer and our supplier partners.