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BETADET® SHR container
BETADET® SHR is an amphoteric surfactant, thickener, and foam booster with mild benefits for skin contact.
N-Hance™ BF13 container
N-Hance™ BF-13 Cationic Guar is a quaternary polymer that provides the dual benefits of conditioning and viscosity build. It is substantive to anionic surfaces such as skin and hair. This product is boron-free which differentiates it from typical cationic guars.
BETADET® HR-50K container
BETADET® HR-50K is an amphoteric surfactant with thickening and foam boosting benefits. It can be used in personal care cleansing products and household cleaners.
Conditioneze™ NT-20-O container
Conditioneze™ NT-20-O is the Optiphen-preserved version of Conditioneze™ NT-20.
Conditioneze™ NT-20 container
Conditioneze™ NT-20 is a conditioning additive for shampoo that delivers excellent wet and dry combability, builds creamy rich lather, imparts body and manageability and does not lead to build-up on hair.
TETRANYL® U container
TETRANYL® U is a cationic surfactant with a fungicide effect for skin and hair care products.
QUARTAMIN® 60W30 container
QUARTAMIN® 60W30 is a cationic surfactant with antistatic properties for use in fabric softeners and hair conditioners.
DANOX® HC-30 container
DANOX® HC-30 is a ready-to-use, multifunctional cationic surfactant. It has an environmentally friendly profile and is ideal for O/W emulsions.
Ceraphyl™ 70 container
Ceraphyl™ 70 ester is a mild cationic solution that provides detangling, anti-static, and conditioning properties. It is oil-soluble.
Gafquat™ 755N-O container
Gafquat™ 755N-O is the Optiphen™-preserved version of Gafquat™ 755N (preserved with Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol). This film former has an average molecular weight of 1,000,000 and is supplied as a 20% aqueous solution. It provides smooth, flexible hold with a high yield value for sculpting.
AMIDET® APA-22 container
AMIDET® APA-22 is a multifunctional and high performance surfactant and conditioning agent. It has good biodegradation and low aquatic toxicity compared to other common cationic surfactants.
SOFCARE® GP-1 container
SOFCARE® GP-1 is a plant-derived multifunctional conditioning agent that functions as a silicone alternative.
TETRANYL® CO-40 container
TETRANYL® CO-40 is a cationic surfactant and conditioning agent ideal for use in fabric softeners and hair conditioners.
QUARTAMIN® BTC 131 container
QUARTAMIN® BTC 131 is an esterquat that provides medium-performing conditioning and adds volume to the hair.
N-Hance™ 3215 container
N-Hance™ 3215 Cationic Guar has a high charge density, high viscosity, and provides very heavy conditioning.
Gafquat™ 734 container
Gafquat™ 734 is a quaternized VP/Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate copolymer in ethanol SDA-40B.
N-Hance™ CG17 container
N-Hance™ CG17 Cationic Guar is a quaternary polymer that provides both conditioning and viscosity build. It is similar to CG13 but has a very high cationic charge, very heavy conditioning, and very high deposition of silicones, natural oils, and anti-dandruff actives.
Ceraphyl™ 60 container
Ceraphyl™ 60 ester is a 60% solution that provides substantivity to skin and hair including detangling, anti-static, and conditioning properties.
AquaCat™ PF618 container
AquaCat™ PF618 is the paraben-free version of AquaCat™ CG518.
N-DurHance™ AA2000 container
N-DurHance™ AA2000 Conditioning Polymer is the similar to A-1000 but has been globally approved.
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Industry Resources
Glypure Sample Formulation Library thumbnail
ChemPoint’s personal care team will partner with you to adjust these formulations to meet your companies objectives in the rapidly evolving personal care market.
Formulation: City Ready Hand Lotion thumbnail
This lightweight, hydrating lotion moisturizes and leaves hands feeling soft and nourished. The silicone-free formulation helps protect the skin from environmental stressors such as certain airborne pollutants.
Formulation: Resetting Hand Mask thumbnail
This hydrating mask treatment provides moisturized skin that feels velvety soft and smooth. The playful, unique cream texture will reshape itself in the jar after use.
Formulation: Second Skin Nourishing Hand Cream thumbnail
This buttery, rich cream leaves hands feeling soft, protected, and nourished without feeling greasy. The formulation features Prolipid™ 141 lamellar gel which creates a “second skin” effect that enhances the skin’s natural barrier function to shield against water loss and pollution. Moisturization and a fresh feel comes from the COSMOS validated Lubrajel™ Marine hydrogel which is derived from red seaweed.
Formulation: Clean Foam Hand Sanitizer thumbnail
This water-based hand sanitizer formulation delivers a rich, luxurious foam thanks to a nature-derived foam enhancer. The combination of two skin conditioning agents provides a lubricious skin feel without alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. The dense foam in this formula clings to hands to permit contact time for killing common germs.
Formulation: Mild Aloe Hand Cleanser thumbnail
This simple, mild hand cleanser generates creamy, luxurious lather. It’s formulated without sulfates and includes responsibly-sourced, organic aloe vera.
Formulation: Nourishing Bar Soap thumbnail
This mild nourishing bar soap delivers a luxurious, creamy form texture and smooth sensation from a nature-derived thickener for lather enhancement. The formulation helps to rescue skin with a unique biofunctional complex of tocopheryl phosphate associated with age defying and skin soothing.
Formulation: Sanitize + Condition Lotion in Gel thumbnail
This alcohol-based sanitizing gel not only kills germs but feels like a lotion. The surprising texture and long-lasting nourishing sensory leaves hands feeling soft and conditioned.