Avoid Gelling Diesel Fuel

Avoid Diesel Gelling with Winter Additives

Diesel fuel is the powerhouse that drives (quite literally) the transportation industry in North America.  In the winter seasons when transportation is at its busiest, diesel fuel is challenged by colder, harsher weather.  Issues like gelling, can cause major problems in the engine and can leave you on the side of the road if you’re not prepared ahead of time.

Winter Weather Issues - Gelling Diesel Fuel

One of the most common winter related issues with diesel fuel is gelling. This occurs when the temperatures plummet far below the pour point of paraffins and monoglycerides present in the fuel. This liquid wax will crystallize and lead to a gummy build up on fuel filters and can clog injector systems.
If fuel is not properly additized before winter weather strikes, it can cause significant damage to an engine and leave a truck out of service and on the side of the road.  There are a few warning signals that fuel may be starting to solidify and gel — If it is difficult to start the engine or if a difference in fuel rail pressure is observed.

There are a few different ways to fix a gelled system, some are safer than others.  For instance, having extra fuel filters on hand can facilitate a faster change out.  Other methods like leaving an engine idling can have detrimental effects on the engine as well as the emissions impact.  

How to fix Gelled Diesel Fuel

One of the easiest and fastest methods to fix a gelled fuel tank is through the use of performance anti-gels and diesel additives.  Re-Flow® is one of the fastest acting anti-gels on the market and is available in easy, ready-to-use bottles for direct application into the gelled fuel system.  

Re-Flow® quickly dissolves solidified wax and ice build up in fuel lines, tanks and pump systems to get the engine up and running safely.  It is recommended to keep extra fuel filters on hand as well as a bottle of anti-gel for emergencies. Learn more about Re-Flow and Order Today ►

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