Ashland Advantage™ Revive

Advantage™ Revive for Dry Shampoo Formulations with a Better Sustainability Footprint

This patent-pending polymer from Ashland leaves hair appearing freshly washed by delivering superior cleansing. The improved sebum removal at lower use levels leaves visbily less residue and improves hair manageability compared to starch-based dry shampoos.  Be sure to check out the photos below from testing evaluation to see how Advantage™ Revive helps hair to keep its color and shine so consumers don’t have to sacrifice luster for clean hair.

Features & Benefits

  • Nonionic homopolymer
  • Optimized surface area morphology to deliver superior cleansing and oil/sebum absorption
  • Leaves visibly less to no residue
  • Leaves hair looking and feeling cleaner
  • Preserves hair color vibrancy
  • Improves manageability
  • Delivers better cleaning with less output to help save on unnecessary product waste
  • Can be used in conjunction with other dry shampoo technologies to help boost cleaning power
  • Non-agglomerating for ease of dispersibility and low clogging potential
  • Application in anhydrous, hydroalcoholic and non-ethanol containing systems
  • Designed through proprietary process

Formulation Guidelines

  • Use Advantage™ Revive polymer at ≤0.5x starch use level for replacing/evaluating against existing starch-based formulations
  • Minimum 1:4 polymer/solvent ratio for optimum dispersion; higher ratios are preferred
  • Ensure wetting and dispersion prior to the introduction of additional ingredients
  • Compatible with existing starch offerings allowing for reduction of use level and improved efficacy
  • Use with up to 85% hydrocarbon (LPG) propellant; <80% for optimum system dispersion

Technical Information

  • Efficient at low dosage (recommended at 2-5%, formulation dependent)
  • Appearance: White to off-white free flowing powder
  • pH: 5.0-8.0
  • % Active: >94%
  • % Moisture: <6%

Dry Shampoo Application Forms

  • Anhydrous aerosol sprays
  • Hydroalcoholic aerosol sprays
  • Pump sprays
  • Mousses
  • Powders
  • Pastes

Sample Formulations


Advantage™ Revive helps to improve sustainability footprint of dry shampoos


  • Lower use levels than current market offerings
  • More efficient product delivery with improced performance

Advantage™ Revive qualitative evaluation indicates that shine is visibly improved vs. all starch-based dry shampoos


Advantage™ Revive qualitative analysis of sebum removal, shine, and color


Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Expands on classical imaging by combining photography with spectroscopy
  • Used to map spectral characteristics

The Goal
  • Assess effectiveness of dry shampoo formula
    • Level of clean
    • Impact on hair vibrancy
    • Impact on visibility of hair color

The Study
  • Images taken of cleansed, sebum treated, and dry shampoo treated mannequins
    • Advantage™ Revive formula
    • Commercial control

Hyperspectral imaging evaluation shows that Advantage™ Revive restores hair to its original clean state compared to a commercial sample in the post dry condition, as depicted by lack of green shine zones



Advantage™ Revive helps to improve sustainability footprint of dry shampoos


Advantage™ Revive dry shampoo

  • Returns hair to a level of shine and color nearly at parity to the untreated (shampooed) state

Commercial dry shampoo

  • Significantly reduced level of shine and color by nearly 80% when compared to the untreated state (clean, no sebum treatment)
  • Visual image captures the overall decrease of shine (depicted by lack of green shine zones) of the commercial dry shampoo after use on sebum-treated hair


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