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In alcohol-based formulations, the rheology modifier does more than just thicken.  It influences the sensory experience, ease of application, and efficient delivery of actives. Ashland offers a range of rheology modifiers, as well as emollients, to bring usability, efficacy, and allure to alcohol-based formulations.

Thickener selection impacts the formulation viscosity profile

Sensory attributes of hand sanitizer formulations

Hand Sanitizer Sample Formulations


Silky Touch Hand Sanitizer

This advanced alcohol-based formula provides a silky hand feel during application due to the presence of Klucel™ H CS (HPC) with Ceraphyl™ 31 ester.

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Clean Touch Hand Sanitizer

An alcohol-based hand sanitizer that goes on smooth, dries quickly, and leaves hands refreshed. The combination of Benecel™ E10M (HPMC) thickener and Ceraphyl™ 31 ester gives a pleasing sensory experience.

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Happy Touch IPA Hand Sanitizer

This isopropanol-based hand sanitizer kills common germs and uses Klucel™ H CS (HPC) and SurfaThix™ N Polymer to give a thick, textured liquid. Ceraphyl™ 230 gives it a silky smooth skin feel with no residue.

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Velvet Touch Hand Sanitizer

This hydro-alcoholic gel with 70% alcohol kills common germs. Thanks to the addition of a novel, crosslinked polymer Stabilize™ QM, it dispenses onto hands as a viscous, smooth, gel. It offers excellent rub out, spreads easily and dries quickly with no residue.

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Gentle Touch Hand Sanitizer

This 65% ethanol hand sanitizer contains a combination of nature-based rheology modifier, Natrosol™ 250 HHR CS (HEC) and emollient Lubrajel™ Oil Hydrogel and Ceraphyl™ 31 to deliver a smooth and gentle experience that also moisturizes.

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Please ensure you review and align to all FDA regulations, required registrations, and certifications for hand sanitizers.

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