Ashland Energy-Efficient Formulations

Minimize Formulation Energy Costs for Hair and Skin Care Products

There has been a growing demand for energy-efficient formulations in recent years, and the beauty industry is no exception. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, cosmetic manufacturers are seeking eco-friendly ingredients to formulate for minimal energy consumption while still delivering high-quality cosmetic products.

Energy-efficient cosmetic formulations from Ashland are designed to reduce energy consumption during production processes, such as heating, turbo-mixing, and pressurized filling, not to mention shipping. These formulations often use sustainably sourced ingredients and are produced with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, they are cold-processable. The ability to formulate using a cold-water process reduces the need to generate heat for the formulation. Many of these formulations also offer short batch times and one-pot processes. Additionally, many formulas do not require homogenizers, vacuum mixing, milling, grinding, or pressurized filling.

Waterless cosmetics are one of the most popular energy-efficient formulations for the personal care industry. These formulations are designed to minimize or eliminate water use in production, reducing packaging and energy consumption during production and shipping. Check out our Ashland Waterless Solutions page for anhydrous formulations, including dry shampoo, shampoo bar, and cleansing balm applications.

The beauty industry is moving towards a more sustainable future, and energy-efficient cosmetic formulations play a significant role in this transition. Cosmetic manufacturers that formulate to reduce packaging, shipping, and energy costs can more easily meet their sustainability goals. This also allows them to cater to more environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient cosmetics.

Defined by Nature™ All-Weather Styling Gel

This clear-on-hand styling gel is naturally derived and biodegradable. It provides excellent moldability and texture without feeling tacky. It brings gloss, volume, and weather and humidity resistance during wear. It can be used equally in wet or dry hair.
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Defined by Nature™ Volume and Vitality Styling Foam Mousse

This plant-based, light, airy, nonaerosol foam mousse brings naturally defined curls that last all day. It glides easily through the hair, delivering styling and frizz control without tackiness. Additionally, it provides long-lasting style and control even in tough weather conditions, such as hot, humid climates.
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Total Rescue—Scalp-Soothing Night Serum

This high-naturality leave-in night serum features Proctaline™ G2 Biofunctional to boost the overnight recovery process for itchy, irritated scalps. The soothing pea and chia seed extract actively increases scalp defenses in preparation for the day ahead.
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Carefree SPF 50 Cream

This soft, protective, lightweight face and body cream provides broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection and water resistance.
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Frozen Face Mask

This glimmering face gel mask for skin care provides instant cooling. It contains nature-derived, COSMOS-validated ingredients that provide long-lasting skin hydration.
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Gently Natural Foaming Cleanser

This mild, foaming hand or body wash has a high nature-derived content of 97%. In addition, this creamy foam is formulated without sulfates, providing a clean rinse that leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.
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Healthy Glow Cream

This soft and light-pigmented face cream uses natural ingredients, including Caressense™ Biofunctional, to moisturize and provide age-relaxing benefits to the skin, helping create a sense of emotional well-being.
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Invisible Guard Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

This biphasic product must be shaken vigorously to combine the two phases, resulting in a refreshing sunscreen spray that applies softly and absorbs nicely. This water-resistant spray has a lightweight feel and heavyweight UV defense, even when exposed to water. It features American Clary Sage essential oil and other natural and nature-derived ingredients to help protect the skin.
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Natural Glow Serum

This hydrating gel serum has a high natural content and utilizes Natrathix™ Bio cellulose to suspend shimmering encapsulates for a glamorous texture and visual appeal. The encapsulates in this formula contain Santalwood™ Biofunctional, transforming skin's appearance from dull and lifeless to vibrant and glowing.
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Rosy Glow Bounce Balm

This distinctive, bouncy gel cream is free of emulsifiers. It features red color-changing encapsulates, a pigment delivery system, to support a glowing skin appearance with a rosy tone. Upon application, it gradually changes from lighter to darker pink to help skin look radiant and healthy. Because it does not use emulsifiers, the balmlike texture feels as light as a gel cream.
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Simply Radiant +C Serum

This vitamin C-infused serum restores radiance to dull, tired skin. It has less than ten ingredients and a high natural content of 99%. When used as part of the skincare routine, this simple, rich, clear-gel serum brightens and hydrates the skin.
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Soft Body Cream

This elegant, decadent body cream is an oil-in-water emulsion with a luxurious yet lightweight feel, leaving skin feeling soft and conditioned. With a 91% natural content, it features COSMOS-validated, natural, nature-derived, and biodegradable ingredients, helping you achieve naturality initiatives.
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Stay Put & Repair Lipstick

This shimmery, minerals-enriched, long-wear anhydrous lipstick is transfer-resistant and powered by Antaron™ Soja Glyceride, a nature-derived, vegan-suitable film former, and Rosaliss™ Biofunctional, a lip-smoothing rosa centifolia extract. This lipstick spreads easily without imparting a heavy, sticky, or dry feel.
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Sunshine Dry Spray Oil SPF 50

This nourishing dry oil sunscreen spray with SPF 50 has a soft application and absorbs nicely to act as a radiant shield for the skin. It has great water resistance, protection, and effectiveness. Enriched with Santalwood™ Biofunctional, a natural extract, it creates a vibrant skin tone, ultra-soft comfort, and a gorgeous skin glow.
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