Sustainable Guar Ingredients from Ashland


A growing challenge in today’s supply chain is that sustainability can mean many things. Sustainable or more environmentally friendly products have significantly grown in popularity as consumers become more conscious of ingredients and their impact. However, many have raised concerns over potential greenwashing and using the term sustainable too loosely. A label claim or simple certification seal is often insufficient to address the complexity of a product having responsibly sourced ingredients or being sustainable. Therefore, it is important for brand owners, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers to develop and manage a robust sustainability program that will positively impact not just the environment but also the local communities and their culture.

A Robust Responsible-Sourcing Program for Guar

ChemPoint is proud to offer responsibly sourced ingredients from Ashland. With a global footprint of almost 100 sites, Ashland is committed to supplying sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients by partnering with local communities to support crop production and contribute to the welfare and growth of local communities.
Guar is a naturally climate-smart crop that requires less water than alternatives, enriches the soil, and reduces the need for fertilizers. To improve its sustainability, Ashland formed partnerships with the Sehgal Foundation and a growing number of farming communities in the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. Their goal was to establish a robust program around guar crops offering local farming communities greater social well-being and prosperity.

Ashland’s Commitment to Responsibly Sourced Guar

  • Support socioeconomic growth in the local communities
  • Establish and follow ethical and sustainable farming practices
  • Educate farmers on modern agricultural practices and farming equipment
  • Provide additional STEM education and technological solution training
  • Promote social welfare programs for women and children
  • Uphold respect for local cultural and traditional values

Ingredients from Ashland

The successful launch of the program from the 2021 and 2022 growing seasons ensures that high-quality and responsibly sourced guar ingredients are readily available to the personal care and cosmetic industry. The table below lists Ashland’s responsibly sourced guar offerings that are naturally derived and biodegradable and provide a range of many functional benefits. Connect with our team to learn more about this growing line of sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients for personal care and cosmetic products from Ashland.

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