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Nocturnal Skin Renewal, Repair, & Restoration

Nightessence™ from Ashland optimizes skin’s nighttime needs; it’s the first biofunctional of its kind to meet the “clean sleep” and “beauty sleep” trends. This premium lavender extract enhances the natural nocturnal process that helps skin boost molecules such as timezyme, melatonin, and nocturnin. These molecules are associated with skin’s ability to repair, detox, cleanse, and renew.  Nightessence™ is grown sustainably and extracted using the patented and proprietary Plant Small RNA technology (PSR™) from Ashland.

Benefits of Nightessence™

  • Inspired by “beauty sleep” trend
  • Field-to-skin: sustainably grown and eco-consciously designed
  • Helps skin boost essential nocturnal molecules associated with night repair, night detox and cleanse, and night renewal
  • Rich in plant small RNAs and 23 phytonutrients such as AHAs and polyphenols
  • Limits dark DNA damage (dark sun effect)
  • Reduces formation of oxidant species induced by visible light
  • In a 3D model stressed by light, epidermis appears thicker and restored
  • Less visible dark circles were seen in a clinical study of night-shift workers

Technical Information

  • Recommended use level: 0.5-1.0%
  • Plant-based butylene glycol (sugarcane derived)
  • Preservative free
  • COSMOS validation pending
  • ISO 16128 natural origin 100%
  • Listed on China IECIC, IECSC

Sample Formulations


23 Phytonutrients Identified Applying Ashland Plant Small RNA Technology (PSR™)



Nightessence™ Affect on Essential Nocturnal Molecules

Skin: Ex vivo skin (woman 45yo)
Product application: Nightessence™ and benchmark at 0.5% twice a day for 48 hours
Evaluation: Melatonin immunostaining (green staining)

Skin: Ex vivo skin (woman, 51y)
Product application: Nightessence™ and benchmark at 0.5% twice a day for 48 hours
Evaluation: AANAT (timezyme) immunostaining (in green)
Cells: Normal human keratinocytes
Product application: Nightessence™ and benchmark at 0.1% twice a day for 48 hours during night
Evaluation: Nocturnin immunostaining (in green)
Nightessence™ affect on dark DNA damage

Generation of dark DNA damage in melanocytes, induced by UV irradiation, was visibly decreased following the application of Nightessence™ biofunctional

Nightessence™ Clinical Study


Skin model: 36 Asian volunteers who have shift work or always stay up very late (at least to 12:00am)
Product application: Nightessence™ at 1% in a cream or placebo for 28 days
Evaluation: Dark eye circle evaluation with Visia-CR/Mexameter
Visit: D0, D28

Subject 008, 43 year-old male
Less visible dark circles are seen after application of cream with Nightessence™ at 1.0% after 28 days

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