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Ashland Oral Care Specialty Ingredients

Oral beauty starts with functional ingredients that provide the best care for oral health. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening treatments have evolved into new formats with ingredients that appeal to consumers' beauty and health standards. This progression goes beyond surface care for teeth and gums; it proves that beauty is more than skin-deep and elevates dental hygiene to its rightful place in the beauty routine. Whether you are developing a toothpaste tablet to help lessen the impact on our planet's resources, or you are fortifying toothpaste to help improve overall health, Ashland™ has unique ingredients to support your oral care formulations. 

Oral Beauty Solutions with Minimal Impact

Ashland's unbottling beauty™ concept allows for formulation development that minimizes a product's ecological impact, empowering consumers to take an active role in creating a more sustainable future. Unbottling beauty™ (ubb™) formulations encourage water conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and alternative packaging to decrease waste.

Toothpaste tablets are edging their way into mainstream tooth care. They make way for more eco-friendly packaging while drastically reducing water content, making them more ideal for travel and shipping. Consumers tend to dispense too much toothpaste when squeezing it from a tube. Toothpaste tablets provide the proper unit dose needed for brushing teeth.

Sustainable ingredients are also essential to minimal-impact formulations. Klucel Nutra™ D is a tablet binder that is derived from sustainably sourced cellulose. It creates tablets with a high breaking force and low friability to maintain tablet integrity in the package.

Multifunctional Oral Beauty Solutions

For formulations that have water content, Phyteq™ Raspberry Multifunctional is an ingredient with antimicrobial boosting power. This raspberry ketone-based booster has been shown to have great synergy with common oral care preservatives and antibacterial active ingredients like thymol, menthol, and CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride). Additionally, it has strong antioxidant benefits and excellent anti-radical scavenger activity for healthy gums. It can reduce the expression of certain inflammatory markers, making it helpful in gentle mouthwash treatments.

Sample Formulas

Looking for a place to start? These oral care formulas from Ashland utilize their key ingredients for addressing trends in the oral beauty category.

ubb­™ Eco+ Toothpaste Tablets

This eco-friendly toothpaste tablet cleans teeth and freshens breath with fluoride to fight cavities. The star in this formula is Klucel Nutra™ D, an ideal tablet binder for direct compression.

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Conscious Clean + Fresh Toothpaste

This mineral-rich toothpaste is formulated without fluoride and features Phyteq™ Raspberry Multifunctional as a natural ingredient to boost preservation and deliver antioxidant properties. It also contains ethically farmed Puraloe™ aloe vera to soothe gums, and sustainably sourced cellulose acting as a biodegradable thickener.

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Enamel Care Raspberry Mouth Rinse

This mild-mint mouthwash utilizes sodium fluoride to fight cavities, restore minerals to teeth, and strengthen enamel. Phyteq™ Raspberry Multifunctional is added to boost the efficacy of the antibacterial, CPC.

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