Teeth Whitening Solutions with Hydrogen Peroxide

A whiter and brighter smile is a highly desired feature for many consumers. While many of us need that cup of coffee in the morning, common staining agents like this tend to have a strong affinity for teeth, penetrating the surface and leaving a dull or yellow coloring. As brushing can only remove so much of the stains, chemical whitening products are an effective solution to oxidatively decompose staining agents.

Peroxydone™ Complexes

Peroxydone™ complexes from Ashland (INCI: PVP and hydrogen peroxide) are the perfect solution for a more uniform teeth-whitening experience. These complexes are made up of hydrogen peroxide–bonded vinyl pyrrolidone polymers forming highly stable complexes. Once in contact with water or saliva, the hydrogen peroxide is released, resulting in an effective and controlled delivery of whitening power.
Commercially available grades from Ashland are easy to formulate in liquids, gels, and solids. They are suitable for vegan formulations, impart no taste or odor, and offer additional functional benefits, such as tablet binding or disintegration, viscosity, and film forming. Due to these features, Ashland’s Peroxydone™ complexes are suitable for various applications, including teeth-whitening strips, paint-on liquid whiteners, meltaway tablets, dissolvable teeth-whitening films, and whitening gels for trays.

Designed for Optimal Stability

Vinyl pyrrolidone is an ideal polymer for forming stable complexes due to its five-member lactam ring with a strong hydrogen bond–accepting amide carbonyl group. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong bond donor, forming a very stable complex together. To demonstrate its stability in various conditions, stability testing was conducted on commercially available grades of Ashland Peroxydone™ complexes. Figure 1 below shows their superior stability in anhydrous conditions at elevated temperatures compared to carbamide peroxide, an alternative hydrogen peroxide complex. When added to a liquid solvent, stability can range for these complexes. Figures 2 and 3 below show that the Peroxydone™ K30 complex is more stable than carbamide peroxide in common solvents, including polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol.

Figure 1. Stability of Peroxydone™ complexes at 40°C compared to carbamide peroxide

Figure 2. Stability of Peroxydone™ K30 complex in polyethylene glycol compared to carbamide peroxide

Figure 3. Stability of Peroxydone™ K30 complex in propylene glycol compared to carbamide peroxide


Ashland Oral Care Solutions at ChemPoint

Ashland is committed to providing high-quality, innovative solutions with consumer appeal that are effective and easy to use. ChemPoint is proud to partner with Ashland to provide a broad range of oral care ingredients, including teeth-bleaching agents, such as Peroxydone™ complexes, bioadhesion polymers, rheology modifiers, mouth moisturizers, and others. To learn more about Peroxydone™ complexes or other oral care ingredients, reach out to our team!

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