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Ashland Rosaliss™

Help Skin Achieve Flawless Self-Repair

Rosaliss™ biofunctional is a Rosa Centifolia flower extract, known as the flower of “eternal beauty,” and was inspired by regenerative medicine research. This rose, which is naturally rich in small RNAs and other potent phytomolecules, is locally sourced in the south of France. It’s extracted through Ashland’s patented and proprietary PSR™ (Plant Small RNA) technology. Rosaliss™ helps skin increase its capital to self-repair and preserve the microbiome from sun damage. It also provides skin perfecting benefits for age-marked and acne-damaged skin.


Rosaliss™ Facts & Figures


Features & Benefits

  • 100% natural extract
  • Helps skin to look brighter and less sensitive
  • Helps skin texture appear smoother
  • Reduces the appearances of fine lines and pores
  • Hydrates skin and help it appear firmer
  • Helps to repair skin so imperfections like blemishes appear less apparent

Healthy Microbiome

  • Pre-biotic effect: commensal bacteria care
  • Microbiota balance under UV: 3D model of simplified artificial microbiota
  • Postbiotic effect: bioconversion of rose-tannins by skin bacteria into active polyphenols

Skin Self-Repair

  • Perfect repair marker: increase in MARCKSL1
  • Skin healing-small RNA signature: increase in miR-132
  • Increase in repair ability of aged epidermal cells
  • Increase in epidermal repair ability after artificial injury
  • Dermal matrix components: Increase in Collagen I,  Fibronectin, and Hyaluronic Acid

Healthy Skin Perfection

  • Skin perfecting study: Clinical test on 30 volunteers (women and men) perfecting skin texture, smoothness of skin surface
  • Skin repair study: Clinical test on 10 volunteers (women) water diffusion recovery after a stripping (TEWL) perfecting water distribution after a stripping

Technical Information

  • Preservative-free, plant-based butylene glycol (sugarcane derived)
  • Listed on China IECIC, IECSC and on QD list (additives)
  • Recommended use level: 1%

Sample Formulations


Rosaliss™ helps restore homeostasis and prevents the senescence associated decrease of MARCKSL1 expression

Cells: Normal Human Keratinocytes with senescent model

Product application: Rosaliss™ at 0.1 % (1x/d) for 6h after senescence induction

Evaluation: qPCR of MARCKSL1

The qPCR values are presented as a percentage of the control and corresponded to relative quantification calculated from three replicates. Error bars corresponded to the calculated RQmin and RQmax values based on standard deviation of the mean expression level.

*** Highly significant with Student’s t test compared to non senescent keratinocytes in white or to senescent keratinocytes in grey

Rosaliss™ helps provide skin capital to self-repair over 72 hours


Rosaliss™ aids in skin texture smoothness (fine lines)


volunteer 11; age 60 years old


Healthy microbiome


Rosaliss™ helps skin maintain claudin-1 expression in a dysbiosis state which is a key protein of tight junctions linked to an optimized skin repair

Model: RHE infected by S. epidermidis : S. aureus ratio

Product application: Rosaliss at 1%

Evaluation: quantification of Claudin-1 immunostaining


Claudin-1 is a key protein of tight junctions at the upper layer of epidermis. Recent research shows link between Claudin-1 and optimized skin repair.


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